Brotherwolf, Melbourne

It started with desire.

We started with the desire to develop a product that suited our demands. When we couldn't find one, we did not sit idle—we embarked on the journey of creation. Borrowing inspiration from traditional barbershop techniques & igniting our research with modern ministrations - we are haircare, reimagined.  No.113 was born for the desire of products that deliver on performance, longevity, protection, and provision.

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Humble Beginnings

113 Greville St.

Our path was forged amongst the winding, grungy backstreets of Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Prahran. No.113 Greville Street was the birthplace of our brand, and still remains our home today. Sitting above both the first Brotherwolf shop and our sister store Nancymai, there's no place we'd rather call home.

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No.113 Matte Paste

Our signature selection.

Our first product was originally born as the 'Matte Pomade'. At the time, it filled the gap our barbers and stylists were looking for, and has since been refined and improved. What you see today is the evolution of our primary creation—our signature No.113 Matte Paste.

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As we see it, today

A Careful curation.

No.113 is now on shelves around the globe and acts as yet another beacon as to why Brotherwolf forges forward beyond the norm. The range has expanded into a careful curation of five 'Authentic Haircare' products, each with distinct purpose. This is where we stand today, with an invitation to sink your hands in our sacrifice.

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Our Philosophy

Protect, Nourish and sustain.

No.113 connects protecting and nourishing ingredients with scientific formulas that deliver on performance and longevity; to provide, nourish, and sustain. Heroing flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, and a vast library of naturally derived ingredients, our range supports the condition of hair health without compromise on functional ability. Each product is thoroughly tested by each staff member and does not hit the shelf unless it gets the seal of approval.

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